Woj:火箭会是哈登的选择 取决于76人今年成绩&是否给长期大合同

Woj: Rockets will be Harden's choice depending on 76ers' performance this year and whether they offer a long-term contract

James Harden, one of the NBA's most talented and dynamic players, could be making a move to the Houston Rockets in the near future. However, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the decision will depend largely on the performance of the Philadelphia 76ers this season and whether they offer him a long-term contract.

The Houston Rockets have been a team on the rise in recent years, with Harden leading the way as the team's star player. However, the Rockets have struggled to get over the hump in the playoffs, failing to make a deep run in the postseason in recent years. With Harden's contract set to expire at the end of the season, the Rockets are hoping to keep him in Houston for the long term.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers are a team with a lot of potential, but they have struggled to live up to expectations in recent years. With a new coach in Doc Rivers and a revamped roster, the 76ers are hoping to turn things around this season and make a deep run in the playoffs. However, their success this season could also determine whether or not they offer Harden a long-term contract.

According to Wojnarowski, Harden's decision will largely depend on the performance of the 76ers this season. If they are able to make a deep run in the playoffs and establish themselves as a legitimate contender, Harden may be more inclined to stay in Philadelphia. However, if they struggle and fail to live up to expectations, Harden could be more likely to consider a move to Houston.

In addition, the 76ers' willingness to offer Harden a long-term contract could also play a role in his decision. With Harden looking for long-term security, the 76ers will need to make a strong offer in order to keep him in Philadelphia.

Overall, the decision on where Harden will play next season is still up in the air. However, with the Rockets and the 76ers both vying for his services, it will be interesting to see where he ultimately ends up.